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Columbus is the largest city in the state of Ohio and is the capital of this great state. Often mentioned as the “Biggest Small Town in America,” Columbus, Ohio has much more going for it than most think. Over 50% of all American citizens reside within 500 miles of Columbus, Ohio, essentially making it the heart of the country. Activities such as the largest single breed horse show and the famed fashion week — in which Columbus, Ohio ranks third in the country — make this city a very desirable location to move to.

Furthermore, the median age of Columbus, Ohio rests at the ripe, young age of 31, beating out the U.S. average of 37 years of age. Such an age difference helps keep Columbus, Ohio very modern and progressive in the areas of fashion and art, making it a great place for young families and creative types.

Columbus Demographics & Crime Rate

Columbus, Ohio is ranked in the “Top 6 Best Big Cities” due to its high population of over 820,000 as well as its highly educated workforce. While only 6.9% of the populace has an associate's degree, over 22% of citizens over the age of 25 hold a bachelor’s degree and 12% of citizens have a graduate or professional degree under their belt. This highly educated city brought their median income to $45,000 in 2015.

City Population


Total US Pop 2016: 321,418,820



National Avg 2016: 8.3%

Median Income


National Avg 2015: $53,889

Violent Crime Rate


National Avg 2016: 3.83%


2016 Census Data


2016 Census Data


2016 Census Data

Columbus Real Estate Pricing & Taxes

One of the biggest benefits of being “The Biggest Small Town” is the cost of living. You can get the big city lifestyle on the national average income. Housing units to rent cost an average of $833 a month. The average cost of a home hovers right at $129,000, which is well under the national average of $178,000. So be sure to secure your spot in the affordable, well-educated city of Columbus, Ohio. Let MoveWise help — simply fill out the “Request Your Free Moving Quote” form on the right to receive up to six free moving quotes.

Home Price


National Avg 2015: $178,600

Apartment Rent


National Avg 2015: $928

Sales Tax "State-Local"


Ranked [#27]

State Property Tax


Ranked [#12]

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