Moving in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Moving in each season has its pros and cons. Make sure you know them before you decide when to move.

  • Moving in The Winter: Because it's the off-peak moving season, prices are usually lower in the Winter. But you’ll have to contend with moving in freezing cold weather.
  • Moving in The Spring: This season marks the start of the peak moving season. Expect higher prices, but also enjoy the comfort of typically outstanding weather.
  • Moving in The Summer: When you move in the Summer you’re still moving during the peak of the moving season. Prices are still higher, but with kids home from school you might be able to hire some of them for cheap moving labor.
  • Moving in The Fall: Now that you’re back to the off-peak moving season you can enjoy lower rates with cool and comfortable weather. But be wary if you have kids – if you’re moving to a different state you’ll need to pull your children out of school at the beginning of the school year.

Click here to read our full moving in different seasons guide.

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