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Of course, if you’re looking to move to Dallas from another city, or even looking to move within the city proper, you’ll need outstanding Dallas moving services that you can trust. That’s where MoveWise comes into play. We can hook you up with the very best licensed local, long-distance or even international Dallas movers to handle the job. Just click on “Get Quotes Today” and get up to six Dallas moving quotes delivered right to your inbox at no cost!

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The cost of moving depends on a great many factors: where you’re coming from, your final destination, the size of your items and more. Your best bet is to find reliable local or long distance movers in Dallas and discuss the costs with them. Check out the average nationwide costs below to get a rough idea for your moving costs. Then, by clicking on “Get Quotes” below, you can connect with the best moving companies in Dallas at the press of a button!

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Dallas, TX, has been experiencing a serious population boom over the past several years, with an average of nearly 300 people moving to the city on a daily basis. The city features outstanding weather all year round, an excellent arts and culture community with the largest urban arts district in the country, and a downtown nightlife that can’t be beat. Of course, everyone in town loves the Cowboys, the original America’s Team.

The city has an great economy too, with the sixth highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States as of 2014. Since the Great Recession, Dallas has created well over 400,000 jobs and employment in the state is at an all-time high, while unemployment remains below the national rate. 21 Fortune 500 Companies are based in Dallas, the second highest number among all U.S. cities.

Dallas matches high wages with a relatively low cost of living and has been ranked the third best city in the nation for millennial homebuyers. In addition, it’s home to two of the top ten public high schools in the nation, the Talented and Gifted (TAG) magnet school being number one in the country. There’s no doubt if you’re looking for an terrific city to put down roots, Dallas is it!

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