Why Use Professional Movers?

Costs of moving can range between $1,200 to over $5,000 if you're moving out of state.

Looking at all the costs, it could be tempting to find places to cut corners. One of the corners you should never cut is to hire professional movers.

While many people think they can just order a pizza, pick up a case of beer, and call their friends, no one wants to get this call near the end of the month. Asking your friends to move is common in your twenties, but as we get older, we start to resent being asked to move.

A better idea would be to pony up the money for professional movers and leave your friends to eat pizza on their own terms. Here are 7 more reasons you should pay for movers.

1. It's Exhausting

With all of the running around, lease or mortgage managing, and packing, no matter where you're from, people hate to move. There is never enough time in the day, never enough space in your boxes, and never enough packing tape.

It's emotionally and mentally exhausting. And moving things can be harder as you get older. It could even be dangerous to move your large pieces of furniture without the proper equipment.

Rather than come home from work to put in another 6-8 hours working on packing and moving for weeks on end, hire professionals to take care of everything for you. Professional movers will make sure that everything is carefully packed and nothing is missing when you get it all to your next place

2. Professionals Are Better Than Amateurs

While your family and friends care deeply about you, they might not feel the same way about your suitcase full of textbooks or crates of records. Your belongings could get on their nerves very quickly.

If you're in college, you might be dealing with loyal friends who don't have a whole lot of value for your grandmother's side table or your family heirlooms. While they might have good intentions, you could be left with damaged and broken items that mean a lot to you. Professional movers will be insured against anything that breaks or is damaged in the moving process.

And it's sad to say, but in all likelihood, your friends and family aren't insured against injuries due to moving. That means that any hospital bills could end up digging into your pocket if a couch breaks someone's arm or leg.

It might not be worth the pain for either of you to have your friends move you.

3. Professionals Are Worth The Cost

Hiring amateurs off of Craigslist might seem like another viable option when you're searching for movers.

When people start showing up at your house, you might not have any idea who they are, where they're from, and if they're trustworthy. You could be handing off your computer or your TV to someone who might take a left turn out the door and be halfway down the street before you realize it.

They won't be professionally trained for handling your valuables either. They could end up tearing a painting or breaking a precious crystal centerpiece just by packing it poorly into your truck or van.

You might be tempted to move some things yourself. Talk to your professional moving company about what they recommend.

4. Their Job Depends On It

If you hire part-timers or amateurs from the internet, you might not be getting full-time movers. They will be people who are making an extra buck on the side.

While that's not a bad thing, if they screw up while at your house or if they fail to show up, you're the one with the problem, not them. While it can be nice to help out another person who is in need of some extra cash or a break, it might not be worth it to put your valuables in the care of people you don't know.

5. Insurance Is Everything

It can't be overstated how important insurance is when you're dealing with movers. Professional movers will have insurance and licensing to prove they know what they're doing.

Feel free to ask them to see their insurance credentials when you call them.

A legitimate moving company will be happy to show you their insurance paperwork.

Look for their insurance to be able to cover all of your items, no matter the size or cost. You shouldn't be required to help chip in for their deductible if there's an issue.

Also look and make sure that all of their employees are covered. Not only is this a must for a reputable moving company, it's also the humane and considerate thing to do for your workers. Knowing your workers are protected will put your conscience at ease as you watch them carry your piano up 5 flights of stairs.

6. They Can Move Those Huge Items

Speaking of which, those big items shouldn't be moved by you alone. Even you and a friend might not be strong enough to manage some of those heavier things in your house.

Focus on moving your smaller valuables on your own, but not the big stuff.

You're not trained to move these kinds of things and could end up doing serious damage to yourself or those items.

People who do this kind of thing every day are the right people for the job.

7. Spare Yourself The Paperwork

Moving objects strapped to your vehicle or in the back of a truck can sometimes involve getting certain licenses. Rather than waste the extra time running around town to fill out paperwork, leave it to a professional moving company.

You'll be able to save yourself the stress and hassle of dealing with government offices.

Professional Movers Are Worth The Price

Compared to the moving costs you're incurring, professional movers could cost about 10%-15% of those total costs. This isn't much when you put it in perspective of all of the moving costs you're dealing with.

If you're ready to hire professional movers, contact us to get ahold of the best in the business.

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