Top 5 Cities for College Grads

Graduation from college is one of the most exciting times in your life. It’s the end of a very long chapter in your life, and the beginning of a whole new adventure. In college, you have more freedom than you’ve ever had before, but after graduation, you’re excited to start your adult life, to get into your career and make your mark on the world. Of course, you’ll want to find the perfect city to start your new life.

What are the best places to move to when you get your new degree? Where will you have the best chance to get started again and really make things happen for yourself? Let’s take a look at the five top cities for college graduates across the nation, and discover why these might be the best target location for you.

Top Cities for College Graduates
According to Nerdwallet, the top cities for college graduates in the entire U.S. are Boston, MA, Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA, Arlington, VA, and Madison, WI. This list was compiled taking into account such things as income, education, average age, rent and employment rate.

#5: Boston, MA
Boston is often viewed as a college town, largely because of all the colleges present in the city. However, it also turns out that it’s a good place to stick around after graduation. It ranks #13 of 100 in terms of workers in business, management, arts and science occupations with a rating of 47 percent, high above the national average. Gross rent is #7 of 100, and there’s a high median income for those aged 25 and up.

#4: Minneapolis, MN
Part of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, it’s the most affordable of the list in terms of cost of living. At the median level, rent will be just around 21 percent of monthly income. The average population skews very young, so there’s a solid chance of having a bustling social life.

#3: Seattle, WA
Seattle has long been an attractive city for the creative younger crowd, and continues to be to this day. It’s the cradle of Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Boeing. It’s the largest city in the entire Pacific Northwest and #1 in terms of population over 25 with a college diploma, as well as third-best for those working in arts, business, science and management. The cost of living is a bit high, however, with rent and living expenses taking up 27 percent of the median income.

#2: Arlington, VA
Across the nation from Seattle, we have Arlington, VA. Just a stone’s throw from the nation’s capital, this city has a median rent of $1,844 per month, very expensive, but also has a high median income of around $75,025 annually. A full 68 percent of people in this city work in very high paying occupations, mostly due to the high level of contracting and finance jobs in the region.

#1: Madison, WI
The #1 spot on Nerdwallet’s list is the heart of the Midwest — Madison, WI. The capital of the state, there are a wealth of jobs in the management, science, business and arts fields, with a very low unemployment rate. It offers an average median income of $46,275, but a low cost of living, with rent around $981 per month.

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