10 Moving Complaints You Can Avoid

More often than not moving leads to an unwanted high level of stress. That's why we have gathered together the most common moving complaints. Why would we delve through the top mover complaints? The answer is simple: we want you to avoid these common issues, so that your move can become an enjoyable adventure.

Moving 101: Avoid These Common Complaints
If you want to avoid the top 10 complaints that people have about moving, then you should take a look at the following list. In fact, we encourage you to go one step further and be on the lookout for these key buzzwords and phrases when reviewing your next moving company. Remember that the occasional negative review is normal; however, consistent moving issues from back to back customers, or over an extended period of time, is red flag that the company might not be the optimal choice for your upcoming move.

#10. "Additional charges for packing supplies and materials." -- Be on the lookout for companies that want to charge you an additional fee for any packaging materials or supplies that you might need. Sometimes this information is buried within the fine print. To save on shipping costs you can pack items on your own or sell some of your items before your move.

#9. "Property damage to home or landscape." -- If you want to avoid this moving complaint, then you need to hire a moving company that is known for treating your items and property with respect. Look for the following types of keywords: respectful, careful, mindful, and paid attention throughout the move.

#8. "Late movers." --There is nothing worse than movers who are grossly late or behind schedule. Avoiding this common moving issue is made easier when you communicate effectively. Let your movers know if you are on a tight schedule. You should also let them know if there is an acceptable margin of error when it comes to scheduling your move.

#7. "Forgotten items." -- Your moving company should keep a detailed list of the items that are being moved. This list should be carefully checked off during the move. Before the movers have left your residence, you should do a final walk-through of the home and check over the list to make sure that items were not left behind. This is especially important when you are only moving a select number of items.

#6. "Poor customer service." -- Exceptional customer service should always be expected from your moving company. To avoid the common moving complaint of "poor customer service," make sure that you look for the following key buzzwords from reviews: easy to work with, listened to my needs, accommodated my needs, responded quickly, and communicated effectively.

#5. "Missing items." -- This common moving issue goes hand-in-hand with #7, “Forgotten Items.” In fact, it is an easy complaint that can be avoided when you compile a checklist of the items that are to be moved. Make sure that you review this list before, during, and after the move is completed; this way valuables won't be lost or misplaced.

#4. "Poor communication or instructions on the day of the move." -- Moving day can only be successful if you can easily communicate with your movers. Be on the lookout for moving companies that have additional services for the day of the move. For example, phone call and text messaging notifications or real-time travel updates; these types of enhanced communication methods can greatly improve your moving experience.

#3. "Unprofessional demeanor." -- Whether you are speaking to the office staff or the actual movers, everyone needs to remain professional at all times. In this vein, you should select a moving company that is professional throughout the entire moving process.

#2. "Inaccurate estimates." -- Moving companies should always provide as accurate as possible of an estimate. To avoid the moving inconvenience of a company that sends you an inflated or low-ball estimate, you should look for reviews that state, "The company provided me with an accurate estimate. There were no surprises on my final invoice."

And now for the most frequent moving issue or complaint ...

#1. "Damaged items and valuables." -- No one wants to move only to discover that their items have been damaged. Through the proper moving tactics, the right moving supplies, and respecting your items and valuables, your movers can help you avoid this final common moving complaint.

Whether you are moving internationally or from one state to another, watch out for the above 10 moving complaints. You should also be on the lookout for companies that have amazing reviews, so that you can have a wonderful moving experience. To learn additional moving tips, be sure to visit our resource center, and when the time is right, request moving quotes to discover your next professional mover.

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