How to Move with Kids

Moving with children can be a stressful time if you don't have the right tips to help you overcome challenges associated with each age group. Whether you are trying to figure out how to keep your toddlers entertained or worried about your teenagers becoming bored during the move, the following age group tips will help you to keep your sanity while moving with kids.

Moving With Infants Ages 1 Month - 12 Months
Moving with babies can be a difficult task in any season if you haven't decided how you will gain the space you need to complete moving tasks, while simultaneously keeping your infants safe before, during, and after the move is completed. Should you ask your family and friends for help or enlist the help of a professional nanny service? These types of questions and more can be answered through the following tips.

  • Before, during, and after the move create a safe space for your infants. -- This space should be a set place in the house that is complete with a mobile crib and play area. Make sure that a baby monitor is set-up so that you can hear your infant cry out, no matter what room you are packing in the house.
  • Take turns packing. -- You and your significant other should divvy up the packing tasks, so that one of you can stay close to the infant while he or she is awake. It might be helpful to plan on finishing the majority of larger packing tasks when your child is sleeping at night or taking their daily nap(s).
  • Let your infant be mobile. -- From a padded blanket on the floor to a mobile "bounce unit," there are a number of solutions that you can use to let your infant travel with you from room to room as you keep packing and organizing your home for the upcoming move. Make sure that your chosen mobile solution will give you peace of mind, keep your child entertained, can safely be used with minimal observation, and can be easily packed away for transport on the day of the move.

Moving With Toddlers Ages 1 - 3 Years Old
Toddlers often have a sneaky habit of getting into everything that they shouldn't. Fortunately, we have a few moving with toddlers tips that will help you to create the time and space that you need to complete your move in a stress free manner.

  • Turn packing into a game. -- Nobody wants to experience a temper tantrum when you begin to pack away toys, games, and other beloved items. To avoid these meltdowns, you can turn packing into a game. Explain to your toddler that the entire family is moving to a new home on a "great big adventure." Next, turn packing into a fun Merry Poppins' inspired game that will let your toddler help out, while you remain productive and make sure that he or she stays out of mischief.
  • Keep your toddler safe with the buddy system. -- Moving can be a dangerous time. Heavy furniture and boxes are being transported, there are strangers in your house, the neighbors are often around trying to be helpful, and you are inevitably arriving in a new (foreign) place. With this in mind, you need to ensure that your toddler is kept safe. The buddy system is a great way to keep tabs on your toddler by insisting that they remain within hearing of you, your spouse, an older sibling, or a designated family, friend, or professional nanny.

Moving With Children 4 - 12 Years Old
When children are between the ages of 4 and 12 they are often curious, want to ask numerous questions, and alternate between a desire to be helpful and a reluctance to complete tasks. Keep the following tips in mind to help with this age group when it comes time to move.

  • Give your child a specific task to complete. -- It is easy to say, "pack your room," but to a child this seems like a monstrous task. Instead, you can break the larger task down into smaller, more specific goals. For example, "pack your toys," or "pack your winter clothes," and then come see me for a reward. Through smaller tasks you can keep your children on task, help them to feel ownership in the moving process, and keep your sanity throughout the moving process.
  • Let your child have the time they need to say goodbye. -- As children become older, the thought of saying goodbye to friends and family can be a challenge, especially if you are moving out of town or state. Prepare your child for their goodbyes by giving them the opportunity to form lasting memories. Whether it is through coordinated play dates (at their best friend's house) or a day camp where they can enjoy time with their friends, you want to ensure that they say goodbye on their own terms.

Moving With Teenagers Ages 13 - 18 Years Old
Moving with teens is a great opportunity for you to bond as an entire family. From encouraging them to help in the moving process to keeping them on task, the following tips can help you to keep your sanity while you complete a domestic move.

  • Give your teenagers specific roles. -- Teenagers are responsible enough to have specific roles during the move. Whether it is organizing a room before it is packed, creating a checklist to ensure that boxes are placed where they need to go, or helping out with the actual packing, your teenagers need specific roles if they are to take ownership during the move. However, there is one caution to be mindful of; don't give your teenager too many responsibilities that they feel overwhelmed. Whether you have spent years living in your home or only a few months, your teenager will have created emotional memories inside of its walls, which means that they need time to process the move without feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities.
  • Let your teenagers have a bit of fun. -- Do you have a garage filled with "junk?" Do you need to donate items before your move? Let your teenagers have a bit of fun before the move by allowing them to organize and run a garage or yard sale, where they will be able to keep the profits and simultaneously reduce your moving expenses. This simple task will also keep them entertained, offers them a chance to help with the move, and teaches them valuable lessons in responsibility.

The moral of this story is clear; with a few simple tricks you can keep your children safe, entertained, responsible, and engaged, while simultaneously keeping your sanity during the move. To begin planning your next local or out of state move, ask for free moving quotes today!

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