How to Move During All 4 Seasons

Moving can be an exciting adventure for you and your family. However, like any adventure, timing is key. The logistics of moving from one state to another or across the country must be carefully considered before you decide to relocate. Should you move in the winter, summer, spring or fall? Answering this question is made easier when you consider the pros and cons that are associated with each season.

Say Hello To Possible Storms If You Are Planning On Moving In The Winter
For the majority of the country, moving in the winter means contending with freezing temperatures, hazardous weather, unwanted ice, and unfortunately timed snow storms. However, while movers might lose their footing on black ice while unloading your family's china, there are a few benefits to moving in the winter.

  1. Winter moves are generally considered "off season" relocations, which means that they are often less expensive. The cost of shipping supplies can also be less expensive if you buy in bulk or purchase during a sale.
  2. You can time your move during a school vacation, so that your children have time to adjust to their new house or zip code before school is back in session.
  3. While moving during the holidays can mean missing out on time with loved ones, it is also a chance for you to save your vacation days for future summer trips to see your extended family.
  4. Movers typically have ready availability, which is especially helpful if you need additional flexibility for your move-in or move-out date.

Moving In The Spring Can Mean Contending With Final Exams
The challenge for families considering moving in the spring is school. Your children might already be upset at the thought of leaving their friends, which means that spring can be an especially hard time to move. Often families don't want to cause further stress to their children by moving right before the end of the fourth quarter of the school year. Finally, moving during the spring can be more expensive than other months. While moving in the spring can be hard for families, it is also a great relocation season for the following reasons.

  1. Spring is the peak moving season, which means that many moving companies have hired additional staff members to expedite relocations.
  2. Often spring weather creates the ideal moving temperatures and weather conditions.
  3. Moving in the spring will give children a chance to meet new friends during the summer months.

Say Goodbye To Vacations When Moving In The Summer
The downside to moving during the summer is the heat. While the shining sun and soaring temperatures create the ideal conditions for heading to the beach or lake, they can also cause your household items to become damaged. Additionally, moving in the summer can increase the risk of heat stroke for your movers. You can also say goodbye to summer vacations, since you will spend your days getting your old home ready and your new home organized. However, as with most things in life there is a silver lining.

  1. Moving during the summer means that your children will be out of school.
  2. Many professional moving companies have extra help during the summer, which can reduce the time you spend moving.
  3. Students are often home for the summer and looking for extra money, which can be handy when you need help rebuilding or moving furniture in your new home.
  4. Summer is a peak moving season that is only interrupted by two major U.S. holidays, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Crisp Weather Conditions Can Be Expected When Moving In The Fall
Moving during the fall has few draw backs. However, the primary concern for families is the start of the school year. Many families are remiss to pull their children from one school to another during the start of the year. With this in mind, many people consider the fall an ideal time of the year to move with a few key benefits.

  1. The fall is considered to be “off season” after the summer rush, which means that prices are typically lower.
  2. Moving during the week, instead of during the weekend, can result in even greater savings.
  3. The weather is often cooler with few storms, which is great for avoiding unwanted travel or weather-related delays.
  4. There are a number of small holidays that offer a three-day weekend, which can be ideal for anyone short on vacation days.

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Choosing when to relocate will require you to weigh a number of factors. Do you want to save money and move during the “off season”? Can you keep your children in school during the move? Should you avoid possible weather delays? Answer these questions and more when you get your free moving quotes today.

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