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If you live in the southeast, you probably already know all about Orlando. It’s the city in Florida that’s home to Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and other various amusement parks. There are so many theme parks here that Orlando has earned the nickname “Theme Park Capital of the World.” Orlando is also home to the University of Central Florida, which is known for having the largest university campus in the United States. Not everything is bigger in Texas.

Orlando isn’t all sunshine and roller coasters. It’s also home to a bustling technology industry boosting its economy and national status as a place of innovation. Both work and play can be found in abundance in Orlando. If you’re thinking about becoming a part of that, MoveWise can help you along the way with just the click of a button.

Orlando Demographics & Crime Rate

Orlando only has a population of 256,738. The crowds come mostly from the tourists. The residents of Orlando are pretty educated, with 34.3% having at least a Bachelor’s degree. Considering all residents of Orlando, the median income is $42,318, so even non-graduates have a fairly good standard of living. The high tech industry draws people in and it could do the same for you. Whatever the reason, use the tool on the right to get free quotes from the best moving companies in Orlando.

City Population


Total US Pop 2016: 321,418,820



National Avg 2016: 8.3%

Median Income


National Avg 2015: $53,889

Violent Crime Rate


National Avg 2016: 3.83%


2016 Census Data


2016 Census Data


2016 Census Data

Orlando Real Estate Pricing & Taxes

Real estate in Orlando is pretty affordable. The median value for housing is $160,500 and $1,003 per month for rental units. Considering median income, Orlando residents will have plenty of money left to spend at Orlando’s incredible theme parks. Sales tax is far below the national average at 6.5%, so that won’t come close to breaking the bank. If you’re thinking about joining the fun of Orlando, then use the tool on the right to get your free quotes delivered directly to your inbox. The best moving companies in Orlando are eager to help you add a bit more excitement into your life.

Home Price


National Avg 2015: $178,600

Apartment Rent


National Avg 2015: $928

Sales Tax "State-Local"


Ranked [#16]

State Property Tax


Ranked [#25]

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