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Known as the “Magic City,” “The Gateway to the Americas” and the “Capital of Latin America,” Miami, Florida is a major national and global leader in culture, entertainment, media, the arts, commerce, finance and international trade. The city holds numerous prestigious rankings such as an Alpha-World City, America’s richest city and the fifth richest city in the world in terms of purchasing power, the “Cruise Capital of the World” and even “America’s Cleanest City.” Yes, even among all the hustle and bustle of a major economic hub, Miami still has generous green spaces, clean streets, clean drinking water, year-round good air quality and citywide recycling programs.

Whether you’re keen on Miami’s educational, financial, commerce or entertainment opportunities, the home to Miami Beach and the Port of Miami has something to offer everyone. With just the click of a button, MoveWise can connect you with movers in Miami to help you get started with the relocation process.

Miami Demographics & Crime Rate

With so many opportunities, it isn’t surprising that Miami has a growing population of 424,632 citizens. As of 2015, the median household income for these residents was $31,051. As a city ranked fairly high in education, 12.2 percent of its residents over the age of 25 years have attended some college, while 15 percent possess a bachelor’s degree and 9.3 percent have obtained a graduate or professional degree. If you’re considering a move to Miami, you want a reliable Miami moving company to help you get there. When you use our “Request Your Free Moving Quote” tool to the right, the experts here at MoveWise will start sending you information about the top moving companies in Miami, FL right to your inbox.

City Population


Total US Pop 2016: 321,418,820



National Avg 2016: 8.3%

Median Income


National Avg 2015: $53,889

Violent Crime Rate


National Avg 2016: 3.83%


2016 Census Data


2016 Census Data


2016 Census Data

Miami Real Estate Pricing & Taxes

Property values in Miami, FL are reasonable, with a median property value of $224,600 and a median monthly rental value of $971. Miami sales tax is also affordable at only seven percent. When you’re ready to start planning your move, let us help you find the best Miami moving companies to get the job done. Just fill out the free moving quote request form on the right to start receiving quotes from up to six Miami moving companies at no cost to you.

Home Price


National Avg 2015: $178,600

Apartment Rent


National Avg 2015: $928

Sales Tax "State-Local"


Ranked [#16]

State Property Tax


Ranked [#25]

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