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Who We Are

The staff here at MoveWise is made up of individuals with a combined 40+ years in the moving industry, so we know what it takes to be part of a smart and successful move. As part of the Dominion Enterprises family we have the resources available to offer you the best experience possible when it comes to looking for a mover, finding money saving offers, and learning about moving. If you need a Local mover, a Long Distance mover, an International mover, or an Auto Shipper, you've come to the right place. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people over the past 15 years find moving companies and moving services the smart way, and we'd love to help you too.

What We Do

There are a lot of sites out there that will try to help you find a moving company for your next move. Do we try to do that too? Absolutely. But what sets us apart from all the other sites out there? At MoveWise we offer a uniquely immersive experience to help you prepare for your move in the smartest way possible. It all starts with a first class moving education. Our site contains a comprehensive library of moving tips and videos that will help get you prepared for your move. The more you know about moving, the smarter your moving decisions will be. That's what we're all about here at MoveWise - helping our customers make a smarter move. Speaking of making smart decisions, choosing a reliable mover is priority #1 when planning a move. In order to set you up for success, we go through a rigorous screening process before we add a moving company or moving service to our nationwide network. Part of this process includes checking each mover's complaint history as well as their licensing and insurance status. So welcome to MoveWise - the premier spot online to find a mover, learn about moving, save money, and begin your journey to completing a smarter move.

Trying to Calculate Your Moving Costs?

The cost of a move depends on many factors. Weight, time, and distance are only a few of the factors that can go into calculating the cost of your move. The only way to get an exact moving quote is to speak with a moving company directly. Click Get Quotes below and we'll connect you with licensed moving companies who will provide you with free and accurate moving quotes.

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Looking for More Moving Resources?

We have the best local and long distance moving resources in the industry. To find more moving related resources like Moving Guides, Moving Tips & DIY, Moving Videos, Moving Scams, Moving Hacks, and Moving Best Practices. Click the Moving Resource options below to explore our moving resource area.

Our Partners

We have awesome partners that help us deliver the best local and long distance moving services, resources, and educational content.

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MoveWise "A Smarter Way to Move"

There's the easy way, the hard way, and the smart way to find local and long distance moving quotes and services. Here at MoveWise we believe and have seen that the smarter way rules the roost. Our #1 goal is to assist and educate you in finding a cost effective, reliable moving service for your next local or long distance move. We help thousands of folks each month with education, moving resources, and planning; preparing them with the basic knowledge needed to have a successful move. The more you know about moving issues, scams, legal rights, and pitfalls, the more you're enabled to make smarter decisions when choosing your next moving company or service.

No Brainer Moving Services

  • Hassle free moving & service quotes.
  • Licensed local and long distance movers.
  • High quality moving content and resources.
  • Money saving moving offers and specials.
  • Around the clock moving help and guidance.